Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab

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If your dental practice is currently managing all lab work in-house, you may be overspending on costs due to remakes, expensive equipment that you do not use frequently enough, or that is behind in technology. These issues can stint the growth of your practice, compromise your patient care / satisfaction, and leave your profit margins at risk. Luckily, that can be prevented or resolved by outsourcing your needs to an expert like Treasure Dental Lab. We help relieve stress, free up time, and decrease expenses for dentists, oral surgeons and cosmetic dentists by providing high quality dental devices so you can focus on patient care.

Dental practices require a lot of different areas of expertise to be successful. This includes your skills as a dental professional, as well as efforts from your front office staff who assists with patient care and back-office staff that handles your billing and payments. Opting to keep your dental laboratory work in-house adds another layer of operational expense and stress.

Outsourcing your dental device needs to a Boise dental lab can help reduce your costs while increasing quality. Treasure Dental Lab has been working with dental professionals in the Boise area for over 45 years. We provide products and milling services required to make high-quality dental devices so you can provide the best possible patient care. If you're ready to experience the benefits of dental lab outsourcing in your practice, get in touch with our Boise dental lab team.


Why Outsource to a Dental Lab?

An outside dental lab can act as an extension of your practice. They can be a convenient and efficient way to reduce the burden on your office's internal resources. Outsourcing to a dental lab provides long-term benefits that can help manage your dental practice’s cash flow, reduce your labor costs, and grow your team without significant capital expenditure. Let us take a look at how working with a great dental lab can benefit you as a dentist, oral surgeon, or cosmetic dentist.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab for a Dentist

Introduce Products and Services Without Draining Your Bank Account

Treasure Dental Lab
Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Producing dental products yourself can be costly and impractical. Conversely, if you choose to outsource to a dental lab that offers an extensive menu of products and materials, your practice has access to everything your patients need for excellent dental care at a reasonable cost. This makes it a lot easier to introduce new services to your patients and test the waters to see if there is interest in them before you commit. Plus, you will not have to pay out for the machinery or an-inhouse technician to run it.

Scaled Growth That Meets the Demands of Your Practice

Most dental practices grow and shrink over time, depending on the number of patients you can handle and your own goals as a dentist. Working with an outsourced dental lab gives you the ability to scale growth up or down depending on your needs quickly. You place an order for what you need without worrying about keeping an in-house team busy. That allows you to grow your practice without worrying about the increased expenditure for a lab.

Control Over A Design Process That Delivers Consistent Results

Outsourcing to a dental lab does not mean you have to give up control over the final product you provide to your patients. Choose a dental lab that works collaboratively and who is happy to work with you on the device’s final design. That way, you get consistently high-quality results, fewer remakes, and more satisfied patients. Treasure Dental Lab is happy to work with dentists in their own offices, collaborating on complex cases for the best patient results.

Ultimately, outsourcing your dental lab needs to a company like Treasure Dental Lab allows you to expand your practice when and where you need it while still protecting your cash flow and providing high-quality dental work for your patients.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab for An Oral Surgeon

Total Control Over Each Dental Device Design

As an oral surgeon, you need to be able to tailor your approach to fit the needs of your patient. Whether it is a mouthguard, an implant, or a crown, everything needs to be exactly right. You have the ability to get total control over each dental device's design when you work with a dental lab. Working with a professional, experienced dental lab assures high-quality results for your patients without the in-house investment of labor and machinery.

Treasure Dental Lab
Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Ability to Get Accurate, Useful Dental Surgical Guides

Surgical guides can help reduce surgery time, pain experienced by the patient, and time needed to heal from a procedure. They can also create more predictable implant placement. This is great for both you as an oral surgeon and your patients. However, dental guides require a great deal of special equipment and know-how to make. A dental lab can help create the guides you need, complete with full drill guidance and depth control. That means safer, more precise oral surgery for your dentistry team

Take on More Complex Cases

As an oral surgeon, you are passionate about helping patients overcome their dental dilemmas. When you have a trusted dental lab partnering alongside your practice, you can confidently take on the most complex cases. That is because a dental lab, such as Treasure Dental Lab, will be able to provide you with the hardware and devices you need to help your patients. This allows you to expand your practice and reach out to those who need oral surgery the most. There are no more worries about how you'll create those perfect products. Once you have the measurements, your dental lab can take care of the rest while you focus on patient care.

Oral surgeons take on some of the most complex cases in dentistry. It is essential for you to have a dental lab partner on-hand who can help you create the best surgical guides, bridges, and other dental devices for optimal care of your patients.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab for a Cosmetic Dentist

Cater to the Latest and Greatest in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentists know that fads come and go in this area of the dental industry. What is popular one year may be gone five years later. There are always new materials, methods, and patient requests coming along. When you work with a dental lab, they will have the materials and machines required to produce the latest cosmetic dentistry technology. That way, you can continue to offer patients trending procedures without investing in new machinery. You can continue to deliver a high standard of care without reinventing your lab every few years.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Professional Art and Color on Crowns

Some patients want to go beyond natural-looking teeth and take their self-expression to their crowns. This can be a difficult skill for a cosmetic dentist to master, but it can expand their patient roster and bottom line. Partnering with a dental lab that knows how to produce art and colors on crowns can help you give clients results they will be raving about. It is a niche service that can make your cosmetic dentistry practice stand out.

Multi-Unit Solutions for Tough Cosmetic Cases

Some cases are not solved by a single device. Some of the most complex cosmetic dentistry cases require dental professionals to use multi-unit solutions to achieve a more healthy-looking smile. Doing this in-house would require hours and expensive equipment. When you outsource your patient’s needs to a dental lab you partner with a knowledgeable team who can get you precisely what you need using a combination of services and technology. This means you can take on the most challenging cases with confidence and give more patients back their smiles.

Cosmetic dentists work hard to deliver real solutions to their patients. Producing dental devices in house can take longer with less efficient machines leading to frustration for both patients and the cosmetic dentist eager to complete the work. Outsourcing to a dental lab gives you a chance to focus on patient care without worrying about carving out time to create a dental device.

Treasure Dental Lab

Outsourcing Can Help Reduce Operational Expenses and Grow Your Practice

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

One of the most exciting benefits of outsourcing to a trusted dental lab partner is the opportunity it can give you to grow your practice. The key is to work with an established dental lab that provides a wide range of dental products and services.

How does this allow you to grow your business? First, it gives you the ability to introduce new products and services to your dental practice without taking on the overhead expenses. Onboarding a new service is as easy as talking to your dental lab. They will tell you the options, and what they will need to complete an order, then you can start offering this to your patients. This allows you to test out new products to see if there is a demand for them within your practice without paying for an expensive machine or hiring a technician to operate it.

Because of this, you can keep your overhead expenses low. You will not be paying for extra office space for a dental lab, an additional workforce to run it, or the expensive machinery required. You can reinvest that saved capital into your practice. Upgrade your dental equipment, refurnish your practice's building, or invest in targeted marketing for new patients.

Of course, outsourcing saves you time, too. Instead of spending hours in the lab making sure the device meets your standards, the off-site dental lab team will handle it. That way, you can increase your workflow while still delivering a high standard of patient care.

Good cash flow and happy patients are critical factors in creating a thriving dental practice. Outsourcing can help make this happen. If outsourcing your dental lab work to a trusted, locally-owned company is appealing, get in touch with Treasure Dental Lab today. Let's talk about how we can handle your dental lab needs so you can focus on growing your Boise-area dental practice.

Finding the Right Dental Lab to Partner with Your Dental Practice

There are clear benefits to outsourcing your dental lab needs. You can maximize those benefits by partnering with the right dental lab. Here are some things you will want to consider when looking for a great dental lab partner.

What Products and Services Can They Provide?

When choosing a dental lab to outsource to, make sure you know exactly which devices they offer, including dental guides, implants, and wax-up models. Ask about what materials they offer, as you will want a variety to meet your patients' needs. An excellent dental lab should offer, at a minimum:

This allows you to expand your menu of services if you wish to do so.

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Are They Flexible on How They Work with Your Team?

Some labs insist on doing all the designing and creating themselves. Some take the measurements from you and control the rest of the process. While in some cases that might work fine, it is best to partner with a lab that is willing to be flexible in how you work together.

You may wish to design an STL file yourself and have the lab do the manufacturing in some cases. For other cases, you might want the lab to do the STL file creation so you can print the device in-house on your Carbon 3-D printer. That flexibility allows you to pick and choose what is best for you and your patient at the time, without any restrictions.

How Long Has the Dental Lab Been in Business?

Experienced dental labs will have the infrastructure in place to handle even the most complicated dental cases. They will also have plenty of design and creation experience to make each piece the best fit for your patient. They will know what dentists, oral surgeons, or cosmetic dentist are looking for in a device and be able to deliver it.

One of the best things about working with an established dental lab, though, is that you will be able to learn what experience others have had with them. By getting recommendations from other local dentists and reading reviews online, you will get a good idea if this is the dental lab with which you will want to partner. Dental labs, such as Treasure Dental Lab that have been around for decades, have survived for a reason, so this is an area where experience is invaluable.

Where Does the Dental Lab Produce their Devices?

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Dental Lab Treasure Valley Dental Lab

Not all dental labs create the devices you need themselves. Some may outsource the actual creation of the device to labs in other countries. These places may not have the same safety standards you have for your dental practice. So, when you are looking for a local dental lab, make sure you ask them if they do the work themselves in-house.

In Boise, Treasure Dental Lab does all work in-house, assuring our clients that devices are safely created right here in the United States. Our local lab is excellent for complicated cases where you need to collaborate more closely on a device, too. Our team can come to your office or welcomes you to stop by our Boise lab and inspect the work for yourself.

What's Their Turn Around Time?

Turnaround time will always vary on each device because each device is a little different. However, you will want to ask a potential dental lab how long their average turnaround time is because that will have a direct impact on your practice. The longer you are waiting to get a device, the longer your patient must wait to get the dental care they need. If they end up waiting a long time, their frustration will be with your practice, not the dental lab. Working with a team that can deliver fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality is vital to a good outsourcing partnership. Working with a local dental lab can help, too, as you will eliminate long shipping times.

Looking for A Trusted Dental Lab to Meet Your Outsourcing Needs in Boise?

If you want to save on the time and expense of an in-house dental lab, talk to Treasure Dental Lab in Boise, Idaho. We provide top quality devices for general dentists, oral surgeons, and cosmetic dentist throughout the Boise area and beyond. We are a second-generation family-owned and operated lab and have been serving the community for over four and a half decades. We offer convenient dental outsourcing solutions for dental professionals with direct-to-office service to assist or consult right on site. We’re happy to work on complex cases and always use high quality materials.

Our number one priority has always been relationships. We know the importance of communication between doctor and lab is the key ingredient to accomplish the highest quality of restorations. Mike Hammond, owner, experienced lab technician of over 15 years, understands the process of producing a quality product from start to finish. He is the main point of contact with our valued Doctors and always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy our valued customer’s needs.

Every member of our team at Treasure Dental Lab team is here to help. We have a larger staff with more years of experience and more extensive technical expertise than you'll find in an in-house lab. When you outsource to us, your practice gets all the benefits of our internal resources. We have the equipment required for any dental lab work, including carbon machines to print dental guides and multi-unit solutions for high-end cosmetic cases. We offer many material choices, including Zirconia, Bruxir, Emax, gold, and more. Treasure Dental Lab can partner with your dental practice on everything from primary devices to the most complex cases and provide fast, accurate, high-quality solutions.

Give your practice more time to focus on patients by outsourcing your dental lab work to us. We'll act as an extension of your office and feel like part of the team as we provide excellently crafted implants, mouthguards, dental guides, and more. Get in touch with our Boise dental lab today to start talking about how we can help your Boise dental practice grow.

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