Diagnostic Wax-Up Models

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Selling your patients on a beautiful new smile is sometimes a difficult sale. Sometimes we can see the creation in our minds but it doesn’t connect with the patient.

What is a diagnostic wax up model used for?

A patient's cheeks, jaws, and tongue can create a narrow vision into their mouth and make a dental examination much more difficult. Diagnostic wax-up models are an excellent tool when your view is compromised. They can help to visualize teeth alignment or missing teeth of a patient. Whether you are a dentist, oral surgeon, or cosmetic dentist, Treasure Dental Lab can create diagnostic wax-up models to help understand your patients' restorative dental needs.

What Is A Diagnostic Wax Up Model Used For?

Selling your patients on improving their smiles is sometimes a hard sale. Even though you may envision the results in your mind, it doesn't mean the patient can. Diagnostic wax-ups can be and have been the closing component in a full mouth reconstructive case.

Dentists can use them to make the connection and change people's lives with a new smile. Wax-ups are used for smiles and in case planning when considering bites, excursions, and angles. We pour up white stone models and design them with wax to help patients and doctors see future potentials.

What Are the Types of Diagnostic Wax-Up Models?

There are a variety of diagnostic wax-up models. The four commonly used by oral surgeons and dentist include:

Basic Diagnostic Wax-Up Models

A basic diagnostic wax-up helps in analyzing the whole restorative procedure. Dentists perform waxing on deficient areas to give necessary gingival visual. The diagnostic wax-up is a standard tool found in the dental lab used in study records with the laboratory technicians.

Orthodontic Wax-Up Models

The orthodontic wax-up is an essential tool for orthodontists and dentists to understand whether a patient needs interproximal reduction. If they require the procedure, a dentist can use a diagnostic wax-up to determine how much removal is necessary.

Case Presentation Wax-Up Models

This model gives graphical results to the patient. As its name implies, case presentation wax-up will always occur after restoration or any personalized treatment.

Full-Contour Wax-Up Models

This particular model comes in handy when a patient gets an implant placement on a toothless gap. The wax-up also gives finer details during the analysis of the treatment plan for the final result. It is commonly used in the dental lab to provide functionally correct provisions of a patient's teeth.

What are the benefits of a diagnostic wax-up?

What Are the Benefits of a Diagnostic Wax-Up?

It is crucial to have a standard diagnostic wax-up before proceeding with treatment. They help with visualization to better prepare for appointments. Diagnostic wax-ups are beneficial during the construction of temporaries. While an alginate should not be used to portray the mouth, diagnostic wax-ups can provide a high-quality caricature or actual representation of the mouth leading to a superior temporalization.

Why Should You Outsource Diagnostic Wax-Up Services to a Dental Lab?

At Treasure Dental Lab, we believe in broadening dentists' and oral surgeons' capabilities by acting as an outsource solution for dental lab necessities and experience. Our products and team of experts provide top-quality materials resistant to corrosion/fractures that are easy to adjust and backed by over 40 years of experience.

We care about your patients and your satisfaction. For more information about how to maximize treatment safety and predictability, contact Treasure Dental Lab today.

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