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Layered Zirconia is a great choice for crown or bridge in aesthetic zones that need strong lingual strength without the dull graying effect of PFM’s.

Zirconia is the strongest dental ceramic in the industry. Zirconia is a great option to replace PFM's or Metal Occlusal crowns. Zirconia is five times stronger than any other porcelain restorations. Not only is it great for strength but also because Zirconia is 100% bio-compatible. The body accepts Zirconia so the risks of allergic reactions or is obsolete. The strength is a plus as well as the white translucent under structure giving a more natural reflection from within. Our Zirconia has great accuracy due to the excellent design and milling with our CAD/CAM system. The model is scanned and designed in our 3Shape. We then use our SUM3D program to place our restorations in a virtual puck to mill. The computer sends the information to our Roland DWX-50 5-axis milling machine that mills an absolute accurate restoration. The Zirconia substructure is then layered with porcelain, stain and glazed, then delivered to the doctor.

Designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology, Alien Zirconia is milled as an under structure and stacked with Noritake Porcelain.

Layered Zirconia Advantages

  • Metal Free
  • Anterior/Posterior Options
  • Strong Ceramic Substructure

Recommended Cementation for Zirconia

Resin Modified Glass Ionomer – Crowns/Bridges (not veneers)

  • Fugi Cem Automix, GC America
  • Rely-x Luting Plus, 3M ESPE

Resin Self Etch/ Self Adhesive – Crowns/Bridges (not veneers)

  • SA Cement, Kuraray
  • Rely-x Unicem Automix 2, 3m ESPE
  • Max Cem Elite, Kerr

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