PMMA Temporaries

Dental Crown Technology

Boise, Idaho

PMMA Provisionals are a great solution for a normal procedural case or a case that may take up to 6 months for the final restoration to be placed. Material is easily added to with temporary material in doctors office. Nice option for healing of tissue, especially on Anterior cases.

The PMMA temporaries come in a few basic shades and have a great aesthetic look that will give confidence to a patient while restorations are fabricated. The PMMA is milled from our Roland DWX-50 after we design the case using our 3shape software. The temps can be designed to look like an exact replica of previous teeth if patient prefers, all that is needed is a pre-op model. The temporary bridge will have ideal contacts, contour and occlusion from the precision of CAD/CAM technology. Milling eliminates porosity or pitting associated with layered or flowable techniques. These fabrications can be done in a very short turn around time. The ability for a Doctor to add to this material is another key factor to these provisionals. PMMA crowns and bridges are cemented with temporary cement and can be added to with a light cured material.

PMMA Temporaries Advantages

  • Suitable for Allergic Patients
  • Long-term Temporaries
  • Multiple Shades
  • Beautiful Aesthetics
  • Prevents Damage to Periodontal Tissue

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