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Place your implants with confidence. Let us do the planning and produce guide after acceptance of case from Clinician. Printed with Whip Mix Surgical Guide resin with our Carbon printer.

  • Reduce surgery time.
  • More predictable implant placement.
  • Decrease patient trauma and healing time.
  • Optimal esthetic and more functional results.
  • Full drill guidance.
  • Used when the clinician wants accurate guidance of all drill steps.
  • Drill depth control.
  • Compatible with all dental implant brands.

Print Your Own Guide

Let us plan and design your surgical guide and send you the stl file if interested in printing yourself.

Some dental surgeons have had the experience of placing dental implants freehand. Luckily, the growing use of dental surgical guides has made it easier for dentists to use tools and techniques that enhance surgical efficiency and outcome. Dental surgical guides are a predictable method of implant placement. They replicate the surfaces of a patient's intraoral setting, thus allowing dentists to drill implants more accurately. Likewise, technology enables dentists to diagnose their patients virtually.

A scan of the patient's mouth is the first step to creating a dental surgical guide. The results of the scan are provided to a dental lab, which makes the guides. At Treasure Dental Lab in Boise, ID, we print with Whip Mix Surgical Guide Resin on our 3D carbon printer. Then, the dental surgical guides are sent to the dentist or oral surgeon so that any drilling, for instance, for the placement of dental implants, is optimal.

If you are interested in printing a guide yourself, we can plan and design it for you and then provide you with a .stl file. We produce accurate guides, thanks to the Digital Light Synthesis technology that we leverage. This ensures more predictability, enhances implant placement, and reduces surgery time.

What Are Benefits of using Surgical Guides in Dentistry?

Dental Surgical Guides Treasure Valley Dental Lab

There are several advantages of using surgical guides in dentistry, including:

  • Enhanced placement accuracy with more predictable results
  • Reduced surgery time
  • Quicker recovery time with less pain, trauma, and swelling among patients
  • Full drill guidance including drill depth control
  • Works well with all brands of dental implants
  • Optimal esthetic and more functional results
  • Overall, more efficient

Types of Dental Surgical Guides

Dental surgical guides allow oral surgeons to develop restoratively driven treatment plans that are patient-oriented, which results in more positive outcomes. Dentists can choose several guided options to get the best outcome for individual cases. Currently, three types of surgical guides are used in dentistry. These are:

Tooth-Borne Guides

These are the commonest surgical guides since they are adaptable to different clinical situations. One advantage of using these guides is that constantly reproducible landmarks (in this case, the teeth), can be easily used for stability, support, and retention. Tooth-borne guides are suitable for either single or multiple implants in fixed restorations.

Mucosal-Borne Guides

These surgical guides use intraoral soft issues for stability and support. They get fabricated based on existing removable prostheses. However, mucosal-borne surgical guides should only be used by experienced dentists since they can move, thus increasing error during implant placement.

Bone-Borne Guides

This type of guide is primarily used for full-arch edentulous implants. Support is derived from the load-bearing areas or from the natural deviation of the alveolar ridge. The fabrication and intraoral placement of bone-borne guides are difficult due to the degree of flap reflection required for access.

Outsourcing Dental Surgical Guides from Treasure Dental Lab

To maximize treatment safety and predictability, you should consider outsourcing surgical guides from a dental lab. The digital treatment planning team at Treasure Dental Lab uses a Carbon 3D printer to produce high-quality surgical guides for your dental facility. The surgical guides that we create are made to measure, thus enabling you to treat patients confidently.

For more information about our dental surgical guides, contact us today.

Dental Surgical Guides Treasure Valley Dental Lab

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