Carbon 3D Printer

Boise, Idaho

Dental technology is improving with Carbon 3D printers now being used in dental offices.

Treasure Dental Lab uses the Carbon 3D printer to create a variety of products you need for your dental office. This printer produces high-quality products that will please both dentists and their patients.

Treasure Dental Lab uses their carbon printer to produce the following:

  • Mouth guards
  • Surgical guides
  • Dental model creation

How Our Carbon 3D Printer Works

Our Carbon 3D printer meets the challenge of creating excellent dental products to produce for you. Its groundbreaking Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology enables our dental lab to produce accurate dental supplies at a high volume.

DLS uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable resins to produce high-quality dental supplies. This technology helps us produce products faster and with less risk.

Resin-based 3D printing, which used to be the standard, produces weak brittle parts. Carbon overcomes this by producing a second heat-activated programmable chemical into our materials. This produces dental supplies with engineering-grade mechanical properties.

Here's how this works with our products:

Dental Mouth-guards

KeySplint Soft™ Printers produces top-notch mouth-guards. The superior materials of this printable resin provide our mouth-guards unparalleled detail and precision.

The resin is 501k cleared in the U.S. Its Health Canada approved, and CE marked and listed as a class lla biocompatible material in the EU.

Our mouth-guards have the combined effects of a hard splint with the comfort and flexibility of a soft splint.

Surgical Guides

Our guides are printed by Whip Mix Surgical Guide with our carbon printers. Our surgical guides can help you place your implants with confidence.

Our surgical guides…

  • Reduce surgery time
  • Provide more predictable implant placement
  • Decrease patient trauma and healing time
  • Create optimal esthetic and more functional results
  • Deliver full drill guidance
  • Shows accurate guidance of all drill steps
  • Provides drill depth control
  • Is compatible with all dental implant brands

Print Your Guide

If you want to print your own guide, we'll plan and design it for you. And we'll send you the stl file.

Dental Model Creation

We print dental models using DPR-10 dental resin. This provides the capabilities to print 3D models that are accurate and of high-quality, which is 10 times faster than other methods.

It's also simple and easy to use.

Our printers small footprint helps you use the same space for multiple printers so you can support more customers.

The Carbon printers are also connected to the internet, which means you'll always have the latest software to ensure that you create highly accurate dental models.

Whatever dental product you need we can produce it for you using our 3D Carbon printer. Our Carbon printer will produce your dental supplies using industrial-grade materials with an exceptional surface finish. This provides you with exceptional dental supplies for your office.

For more information on how we can produce high-quality dental supplies for you, contact us today.

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